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FSSAI of India bans Silver Leaf (Chandi ka warq) of Animal Origin in Food Items

FSSAI of India bans Silver Leaf (Chandi ka warq) of Animal Origin in Food Items

FSSAI bans Silver Leaf (Chandi ka Varakh) of Animal Origin
The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has banned the use of any material of animal origin in silver leaf (chandi ka warq/Varakh), commonly used in confectioneries (sweet meat) and sweets like barfi for decoration and also in paan and packaged supari.

This news is reported by the Times of India-Aug 2, 2016 and I have provided some links of actual news from various newspapers at the end of the e-mail.

The FSSAI authority of India has banned this item because in the manufacturing of silver leaf (Varakh), cow’s or other animal’s ox-gut (intestine) is used which is obtained from the slaughterhouse.  The intestine (ox-gut) is smeared with blood and mucus when is pulled out from the slaughtered animal by the butcher and sold as is to the Silver Leaf manufacturers.  The small thin strips of silver placed between layers of ox-gut and are hammered to produce the glittering foil.  This manufacturing process is under very filthy surroundings.  This is the main reason the FSSAI authority of India has banned the Silver Leaf (Chandi ka warq or varakh) on the food product. 

Veggie Silver Leaf (Varakh)
Recently several companies have advertised that they produce the Veggie Varakh without using cows’ intestine.  This process is costly and hence in the country like India, one can easily obtain false certification and sell the regular Varakh as cheap veggie Varakh.  Also the Varakh decorates the food/sweets only but does not add any nutritional value to it.  The best alternative is to avoid the Varakh on the food.

Where to Report/Complain about Violators
FSSAI encourages to post complains/comments about food safety issue related to adulteration, contamination, poor quality, improper packing, insufficient information on label, misleading advertisements, incomplete information about food, clarification from food operator on license, etc etc" by going to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) website or click the link  and Fill in online the “Consumer's Complaints / Suggestions / Queries Form”

The FSSAI will be every much happy to help you as well guide you.  Please insert your e-mail and identify yourself to receive a suitable reply.
India is the World’s Largest Beef Exporter

CNN money news of August 5, 2016 published that India is the world's largest beef exporter.  The article indicates that the large number of animals are needed to keep India's huge domestic dairy industry going.  Because of the existence of this huge dairy industry, there are plenty of grown-up cows and buffaloes are available to slaughter for beef. The dairy cows and buffaloes are significantly cheaper than the animals which are raised for beef only, because the dairy animals produce income during their growth period of first 5 years. Hence 5-year-old dairy cow and buffalo is much cheaper than non-dairy cow or buffalo raised for beef only.

In other words, Jains and vegetarian Hindus who consume milk and other dairy products directly support the beef industry because every milk producing Cows and Buffaloes are slaughtered after about 5 years of age to support beef export industry while their life expectancy is about 20 years.  I have also compiled the CNN’s article at this link for easy review$india_beef_export

Baby Calf’s Milk is Stolen from Mother Cow by Humans
Any drop of milk that we use or consume is stolen (taken without the permission) from mother cow or buffalo that was meant for her baby.  Nature has not made cows or buffaloes to produce more milk than the need of their babies unless we feed them hormones and genetically modify their genes. With the continuous use of hormones, we have forced the bodies of the mother cows and buffaloes to produce three to four times more milk than their natural need of their babies.  Because of this reason, cows and buffaloes body breaks-down in five years and milk production yield drops significantly.  At this time, we send them to slaughter-house.

We Jains and vegetarian Hindus use Silver Leaf (Varakh) and milk in Tirthankara’s/God's Puja, other religious rituals, and almost all sweets served in Jain functions.  Such items are very Himsak (Violent).  It is obtained by torturing and indirectly or directly killing Cows or Buffaloes or other five sensed animals.
In today’s environment, the production of milk (other dairy products), wool, silk, and pearl are as Himsak (violent) as the production of meat and silver leaf.  We Jains and vegetarian Hindus should banned all such items in our religious rituals and religious functions.

We have banned such items in our JAINA Pathashala Educational books of North America (USA and Canada). More than 3000 students are in Pathashalas of North America.

“We must Practice our Religion based the Time, Place, and Environment we live in” and “We must accept the truth from whatever source it comes.”  This is the essence of Lord Mahavir’s preaching.

The Book of Compassion
In the year 2000, Pujya Paramodaben Chitrabhanuji and I (Pravin K Shah) have compiled several such types of articles in English in a book named “The Book of Compassion”.  Later the book was translated in Gujarati and Hindi languages.  You can download the soft copy of any of these books from the following links of the Jain eLibrary website (

List of Articles compiled in “The Book of Compassion”
01 - My Visit to A Dairy Farm
02 -Dairy Cows - Life, Usage, and Sufferings
03 - Recycling of Slaughterhouses Waste
04 - Milk – Its Impact on Health, Cruelty, and Pollution
05 - Is Nothing Sacred? - Cruelty towards India’s Holy Animals
06 - Vegetarianism - A Compassionate Approach to Life
07 - Varakh (Silver Foil or Leaf)
08 - Facts about Eggs
09 - Story of Silk
10 - Story of Pearls
11 - The Myth about Milk
12 - Alternatives to Animal Abuse
·         Food Alternatives:
·         Clothing Alternatives:
·         Household Goods Alternatives:
·         Medicines, Drugs, Vitamins Alternatives:
·         Sports, Entertainment Alternatives:
·         Animal Based Additives to Avoid
13 - What Our Readers say about – “My Visit to A Dairy Farm” article

Pravin K Shah
Jaina Education Committee
Jain eLibrary in-charge
E-mail –
Aug 6, 2016

Actual News of various Newspaper Links

Times of India-Aug 2, 2016
The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has banned the use of any material of animal origin in silver leaf (chandi ka warq), ...
Hindustan Times-Jul 19, 2016
Food regulator bans use of animal parts in manufacturing silver leaf ... leaf cannot be manufactured using any animal material of animal origin ...
Times of India-Jul 21, 2016
Following the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) notification, the ... Fine silver foil or silver leaf, is used to decorate sweets and ... any animal material of animal origin at any stage of manufacturing process.
The Siasat Daily-Jul 20, 2016
FSSAI bans on silver leaf from animal parts ... New Delhi: The food regulator of India, FSSAI has banned the use of silver foil with ... silver leaf cannot be manufactured using any animal material of animal origin at any stage.

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India is projected to be the largest exporter of beef

World Beef Exports: Ranking Of Countries

India is projected to be the largest exporter of beef in the world in 2015 followed by Australia & Brazil. Beef exports in India include carabeef.

Published on: Aug 3, 2016
Australia passes Brazil as 2nd largest beef exporter
India is projected to be the largest exporter of beef in the world in 2015 followed by Australia & Brazil.  Beef exports in India include carabeef. 
Four (4) countries are projected to export more than 1 million metric tons of beef in 2015.  India, Brazil Australia & the United States.
Australia takes over the 2nd spot from Brazil in 2015.

4United States1,167,0001,035,000-132,000
5New Zealand579,000590,00011,000
15South Africa44,00060,00016,000
17Costa Rica23,00025,0002,000
19Saudi Arabia20,00020,0000
27South Korea3,0005,0002,000
 Source:  FAS/USDA (metric tons)

Cattle slaughter, in varying degrees

COMMENT (21)   ·   PRINT   ·   T  T  
With Maharashtra’s long-pending Bill widening its ban on cow slaughter getting Presidential assent on Monday, The Hindu took a look at the status of the legislation across the country.
Ritwika Sharma and Alok Prasanna Kumar, fellows at the Delhi-based Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, compiled all State-level legislation and amendments on the slaughter of cows and other types of cattle for The Hindu.
The data shows that Indian States can be classified into five categories — north-eastern States with no restrictions on cattle slaughter; Kerala with no law but a caveat; Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Assam which allow the slaughter of cattle with a certificate; Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Bihar, Goa and Odisha which ban cow slaughter, but allow the slaughter of other cattle with a certificate; and the rest of India which bans the slaughter of all cattle.
Beef is less popular than other meats, The Hindu’s analysis of data from the 2011-12 National Sample Survey shows, with just four per cent of rural Indians and five per cent of urban Indians saying that they consumed beef within the last week. However, consumption varies widely by State; the average person from Nagaland eats half a kilo of beef in a month, while the average person from Punjab, Chhattisgarh and Himachal Pradesh doesn’t eat any.
The graphic accompanying “Cattle slaughter in varying degrees” (March 4, 2015) erroneously says that Karnataka has banned all cattle slaughter. Actually, the State permits the slaughter of cattle other than cows with a 'fit for slaughter' certificate. The graphic has been corrected on March 4, 2015

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Putin Controls the Fate of Ukraine, but Who Controls Putin?

Putin Controls the Fate of Ukraine, but Who Controls Putin?
Dave Hodges
March 5, 2014
The Common Sense Show

putin is supermanLook, up in the sky, is it a bird, is it a plane, no, it’s Super Putin. He is single handedly taking on the evil bankers and winning.
According to some, Putin will singlehandedly rescue the world from the clutches of the Rothschild/Rockefeller criminal banking cartel. Putin is the modern day version of George Washington who will lead the world to the promise land while crushing the New World Order. I wish this was true, but to believe so would be to engage in the fantasy thinking of a five year old. There are no good guys, there are no bad guys. There are the banksters. They own everything and they control everything. It may be true that Putin appears in control of the world’s chessboard as evidenced by his repulsing of the planned American invasion of Syria and now he controls the high ground on regaining control of Ukraine. Putin may presently control the chessboard, but who is in control of Putin?

Putin’s Persona

Today, some are crediting Putin with paying off the Rothschild debt, kicking the banksters out of Russia and standing up to the New World Order in the same manner that the world witnessed Iceland jailing criminal bankers that had wrecked their economy. On the surface, the persona has been created that Putin is a freedom fighter against the NWO. If this is true, Putin will likely have a very short shelf life as Russia’s leader as history speaks clearly for itself on what happens to leaders who oppose the banksters.

The Fate of Those Who Say No to the Banksters

When Lincoln refused to bow down to Rothschild banking demands, he was assassinated. When McKinley refused to eagerly give the bankers the Spanish American War and he also refused to support the early attempts at establishing the Federal Reserve, he was assassinated. When JFK produced the now infamous Treasury Certificates  (C Notes) which were in competition to the fiat currency of the Federal Reserve, he was assassinated. When Reagan refused to prop up Middle East terrorism as the new boogey man which was being lined up by the bankers to replace the cold war conflict which had netted the bankers hundreds of trillions dollars of profits, he was shot and barely survived.
Saddam Hussein was murdered for the “human rights violations” associated with selling oil for Euros. OK, he did gas the Kurds, but is was Bechtel that provided the means to carry out the act. Hussein was killed by the banksters over the Petrodollar, not because of what he did to the Kurds. Hussein was a genocidal maniac, but that is not why the banksters got his own people to execute him.
When  Libyan leader Gaddafi refused to help create an African Union currency and establish a central bank inside of the booming economy that was Libya, he was murdered for human rights violations against his people. Really? The Libyan government provided a house to newly married couples. Gas was 14 cents per gallon. Libya had no national debt. The Rothschild/Rockefeller banksters could not tolerate a prosperous nation that they did not control through central banking. Did you know that the Libyan government paid for its citizens to go to college and paid for students to study abroad? The Libyan government provided its citizens with free health care and also paid for medical procedures to be performed in foreign countries. However, Gaddafi was taken out “for human rights violations”. Let’s be clear, he was killed because Libya was profitable and not under the control of the banksters.
Why would Putin be any different than any other leader who opposes the NWO?  And even if Putin was indeed as pure as the driven snow and is standing up to the NWO, then doesn’t that mean that Putin has to go to war with Western banking interests? Doesn’t that mean that Putin would be at war with the United States? Doesn’t that also mean that Putin’s nuclear missiles would have to reign down on American citizens killing hundreds of millions? Therefore, if you support Putin, doesn’t that prove that you are suicidal? Is Putin the latest hero in the fight against the banksters? Do you want to bet your life on it and the lives of your children as they will oppose Putin and die for the banksters?

Why Putin’s Independence Should Be Questioned

putin natural gas mapDid you know that Putin’s Russia controls much of the energy needs in Europe? Russia supplies 36% of German gas, 27% of Italy’s gas and 23% of France’s gas.  Does any rational person think that Putin would be allowed to be the major supplier or Europe’s energy needs without express approval of the bankers? Do you not think that the bankers are not taking a cut of the profits? The Rothschild banksters could simply ban Russian exported oil and force Europe to pay higher prices to obtain their energy needs by purchasing their oil elsewhere? Until someone can explain this discrepancy in Putin’s independence from the bankers, I have to believe that he is a banker plant designed to be the controlled opposition in a contrived and coming World War III in which billions will die. Maybe Putin is an unwilling stooge in this whole scenario. However, he is a former KGB Colonel, I do not see how he would NOT know the score of the game that he is playing in. Putin supplies Europe’s energy needs and the Rothschild’s sit on the sidelines and have just let it happen? are any of you really stupid enough to believe this flawed belief system? What is more likely is that the banksters are controlling both sides of the for a desired outcome which is par for the course and consistent with past history..

Bankers Control Both Sides

How many times in history have the bankers controlled both sides of a conflict? Rockefeller interests control both major American political parties?
Jesus was so upset by the practices of the money changers in the temple, he tipped over tables and drove the banksters out with a whip. This was the  one and only time that we witness Jesus using force during his entire ministry.

All Wars Are Controlled By the Bankers

World War I was waged by 27 nations. The number of participants totaled 66 million. There were 37 million casualties with seven million who were killed. Its direct costs are estimated at $210 trillion. The indirect costs of the war are estimated at $150 trillion dollars. And these figures do not include the additional billions in interest payments, veterans’ care and pensions, and similar expenses…” In WWI, we see the Rothschild/Rockefeller banking interests prolonging the conflict by at least three years. The only way that this war continued beyond 1915 was because the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 and could make up money out of thin air. This is how the bankers do it. This is how they get endless war by supplying both sides with fiat currency and promoting wars by controlling both sides of the conflict.
Many experts credit Standard Oil with giving the allies the ability to win WWII against the Nazi’s. Yet, The banksters also supported the Nazis in World War Two as Charles Higham documents in his classic book, Trading with the Enemy (1983). Higham clearly demonstrates that  Rockefeller’s Standard Oil supplied oil to the Nazis. George H. W. Bush’s father, Prescott Bush was actually charged with violating the Trading with the Enemies Act in WWII, because the elder Bush was supplying aid and comfort to the Nazis. The charges were eventually dropped and the event was covered up because Bush was in charge of the USO and the damage to American morale could have been significant. Coke and IBM supplied both sides in WWII and the list goes on and on. And Super Putin is above all of this control?


The next part in this series will demonstrate exactly how two sides of this conflict are being created by the banksters which will ultimately plunge the world into World War III. Whether or not Super Putin is a willing participant in the plans of the banksters is irrelevant. He and the Ukrainian leadership are playing their respective part in a pre-written script that was created for them in Basel. To believe otherwise, is to ignore the present facts as well as the lessons of history.


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